The greatest piece of writing advice I’ve ever been given is to write how I speak. That’s what I do, and that’s why I love it. I want my readers to feel like they’re part of the conversation. If that’s your intent, I’m your writer.

What to expect…

First - Each project deserves a strong foundation, so I like to begin with a phone or video conference to iron out content details and our expectations for working together.
Next - I begin my cycle of writing and revising while you focus on the rest of your workload, open at any time to get in touch with questions or concerns.
And then - Once you’re happy with your completed project, you’ll receive a final invoice and you can start getting your message out to the world.


What you'll receive...






Whether you're in need of a fresh voice for your website or a reliable stream of blog posts, I can provide you with customized work that will lead you towards your end goal.

My craft is well-researched and original content; the time and attention I grant my work are important to me and will be worth your investment. 

Rates hover around $0.20 per word and will vary with service provided.

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